Thursday, January 10, 2013

Economic Development 1/10/13

There is one thing many in Jefferson City can agree on and that is better jobs mean better quality of life. This interim I’ve visited with countless constituents and other legislators about their thoughts on what we can do to improve Missouri’s economic position because it’s time our unemployment rate was the lowest in the nation and not just average. Here’s a sample of what has been mentioned:
Restore Medical Malpractice Protections

There is no denying it, physicians practice where they can afford to do so. With malpractice insurance premiums rising some 25%, we are bound to lose physician jobs to places that protect doctors like Kansas. Our citizens on the border in places like Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Joplin need quality physicians to provide critical care. Look to the legislature to protect physicians from frivolous lawsuits so more Missourians will have real access to the best care possible.

Tax Credits

Debate on this issue will continue this year. Certain programs cost too much and provide little return. Others, like those for data centers and angel investing have high rates of return to the state and have vast, positive impact on local economies. Our strategy here will be multi-faceted: cut, cap, and create. We'll cut programs that don't work, cap programs to provide stability to the state's budget, and create an stronger economic environment as a result.

Paycheck Protection & Right to Work
You shouldn’t be forced to pay for a political advertisement or lobbying you don’t agree with. Along those same lines, if you want to work you shouldn’t be forced to join a union. If given the choice between a right to work state and one that has forced unionism, employers go to right to work.
Transportation is the lifeblood of any strong economy. It's why many of your largest cities are built near rivers, ports to sea, or have a highway that connects them to one of those two. Missouri is centrally located in the country, which is why we have a strong trucking industry that provides thousands of jobs, benefits, and healthcare to our citizens. Your legislature will be looking at ways to invest in our transportation infrastructure to ensure its continued ability to transport our people, our goods, and our visitors in an efficient manner.

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  1. Speaker Jones:

    How does HB 44 create new economic activity in our state?

    My understanding is that HB44 will allow Ameren to count 100 year old dams as renewable energy (one of which is in Iowa). The utility will undoubtedly then claim that they have met the Renewable Energy Standard and kill the 1200 solar jobs created since 2008.

    Please clarify your position on this bill for your constituents.